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My Goal !


To Give you 

Accurate Financials

& Freedom !


I  Organize your Books

So your books are Up to Date



 You can Feel Confident Making those

Important Business Decisions!


Business Decisions

 Leads to  


Freeing Up Your Time &  

Relieving Your Stress!


I am,
Yvonne Abbey, Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

I Can Help!

Bookkeeping 5.png

Local or Virtual


Is your business

in BC or AB? 

Do you have internet access?  Did you know your Bookkeeping can be safely done online.  Its easy with programs like QuickBooks Online, Hubdoc, & the cloud we can do bookkeeping  

anywhere, any time!  


Because I'm

Home Based,  

My Fee's 

are Affordable,

& My Hours

are Flexible!

I am here to Listen to

you & your business needs, I will  


my Services to Accommodate you & your Business!

Lets Talk, Our 1st Consultation is  


  We can Meet,

in person or

on zoom.

Bookkeeping 2.png

Program Options

My services are customized for your Unique Business Needs! Options include Bringing your bookkeeping up to date, adding daily Transactions &/or  adding Inventory.  Setting up your books

for a New Business, 

Processing   Payroll,  filing monthly taxes, paying Bills & getting financials ready for year end.


I live and work with

 Honesty, & Loyalty!

I've worked 20 plus years

bookkeeping for a

not-for-profit society.


I have Experience in  homebased businesses,  tourism, cosmetology, mechanical, logging & the transportation industry.   


My Online experience includes running an eBay store & 

my  online business

Yvonne's Virtual Bookkeeping! 


Privacy & Security

 I use programs like Hubdoc & Excel.  All documents are saved in the cloud.  I keep up to date on viruses with a program called McAfee. My programs are double password protected. 

Clients financial information are kept confidential, managed legally, ethically & transparently.  I  follow the best practices of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). 



continually update my knowledge

with new bookkeeping courses,

here are the most recent,



Online Advanced Certification,

Bookkeeper Launch Certification,

All inclusive Bookkeeping Certification,

Excel 101 & 102 Certification, &

Sage Level 1 & 2 Certification


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Entrepreneurial Industries


I have known Yvonne Abbey, both as a businesswoman

& a personal friend for over 40 years.

We both run professional companies.

She has the highest level of integrity,

attention to detail & sincere authenticity

& concern for her customers, & other people.


I would highly recommend her for your business needs.


With appreciation,


Adele Hills +Δ

Founder & CEO

Sacral Solutions Spinaline

CA +1 250-826-6272 

US +1 239-747-4784 

Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Sacral Solutions


About Me !



A Women Entrepreneur, who is not afraid

to learn & try new things.

I love animals, spending time at home on  Whispering Willows Ranch, riding horses

& creating all kinds of art.  


IF I can HELP a business owner

have confidence & freedom.


It has been  a Good Day ! Email
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